MPC licenses 'FlowLine' fluid system

Tue 22nd Nov 2005 | News

The London based VFX house, The Moving Picture Company (MPC) has licensed 'FlowLine' - a fluid simulation system developed by Munich based VFX house Scanline, which simulates and renders photo-real fire and water. MPC and Scanline are working together on integrating FlowLine into MPC's large-scale production pipeline. MPC has elected to work with Scanline to continue ongoing internal R&D focus on the development of its in-house character/creature pipeline.

MPC VFX Supervisor, Chas Jarrett said "We started testing 'FlowLine' and were deeply impressed with the quality of the results we saw. It is also highly beneficial for us to adapt the tool to our specific needs throughout a project, this deep integration with the MPC production pipeline will give us the ability to deliver fluid/fire/smoke work of unprecedented complexity.'

"FlowLine works within our Maya pipeline to create lifelike fluid simulation, and is highly intuitive to use." explains Ciaran Devine, MPC lead TD, "FlowLine's versatile framework provides a powerful solution for all our fluid simulation needs, right within our pipeline. Detail is only simmed where it is needed, resulting in startlingly fast simulation times and economic cache sizes. It will make previously unobtainable effects a matter of course at MPC."


Stephan Trojansky, Scanline's Head of Research & Development notes "When MPC contacted us about FlowLine, we immediately liked the idea of two effects companies working together to deliver world class visual effects. We are happy to extend MPC's excellent R&D department and effects pipeline with this key technology."

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