Mok3 Debuts Photorealistic 3D Graphics Software

Tue 18th Feb 2003 | News

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Feb. 17, 2003 -- Mok3 Incorporated previewed its 3D graphics software today at the DEMO 2003 conference. Mok3 ( has developed patent-pending graphics software that allows users to rapidly create and edit photorealistic 3D scenes from 2D images in a fraction of the time and effort normally required using current 3D graphics modeling tools and techniques. Using Mok3(TM) technology, architects, interior designers, animators, moviemakers, and game designers can build prototype or production quality 3D content, easily saving over $500M/year across those industries alone.

"This highly innovative technology represents a significant leap in computer graphics methodologies, bringing a new level of ease and sophistication to digital video production and 3D content creation," observed Chris Shipley Executive Director of the DEMO Conferences.

Mok3 technology dramatically simplifies the 3D content creation workflow by eliminating the costly, laborious, and time intensive step of creating the 3D geometry from scratch. Rather than start by specifying geometry for 3D scenes, Mok3 software allows the user to interactively extract geometry from the 2D images to achieve life-like results. Users can work in a familiar environment, yet achieve sophisticated 3D results far faster and more cost- effectively.

"Graphics professionals spend countless hours trying to create photorealistic models and visualizations and still end up with results that appear synthetic or fake," explained Yonald Chery, CEO of Mok3. "Our technology allows them to rapidly and interactively achieve photorealistic results."

Mok3 plans to release its first end-user software package for both the PC and Mac platforms in Q3 of 2003, at a base price point under $1000 US. The company also offers graphic design services on a contract basis to develop photorealistic 3D scenes and virtual touts for clients such as hotels seeking to improve the web presentation of their conference and function facilities or architectural design firms seeking better visual presentation of their concepts.

"Mok3's technology has the potential to transform 3D visualization the way Photoshop(R) transformed picture editing," said William J. Warner, Founder of Avid Technology, Inc. and President of FutureBoston, Inc. "It removes the crushing burden of creating huge amounts of detail needed for realism, yet delivers higher realism than techniques that take ten times longer. I'm extremely excited about this technology and plan to use it as part of our efforts in Boston to visualize the new parks and buildings that result from the Big Dig."

About Mok3 Inc.

Mok3 develops software tools for rapid and interactive photorealistic content creation and editing. Based in Boston, Mok3 was founded in 2002 by MIT-trained technologists and entrepreneurs. Yonald Chery, president and CEO, has been involved in high technology for over 10 years, both as an MIT researcher and as a high-technology entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding Mok3, Chery started two other companies, Virtual Ink Corp. and Newbury Networks Inc. Co-founder and CTO, Dr. Byong Mok Oh is the inventor of the Mok3 technology, which is based largely on his doctoral dissertation work from the Computer Graphics Group at the MIT Laboratory for Computer Science. The Company also offers 3D content creation services, providing high-quality, cost-effective photorealistic 3D "virtual tours" and movies for clients in fields such as architectural design, hospitality, construction and computer game development.

About DEMO 2003

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