MODO webinar

Tue 16th Jul 2013 | News

The Foundry Creatives talk about the flexible particles and replicator system with MODO 701.


The Foundry creatives talk about flexible particles and the replicator system of MODO 701. I invite you to watch this video if you have an hour or so, as it goes through the process of how to create a scene with over 500 million polygons. The system is a normal laptop, while the model remains nimble and completely art-directable.


This video clearly shows what elements of 701 will lend itself to VFX workflow.  It also explains the replicator system.  It explains what parts of the workflow are from 601 or earlier, and demonstrates the elements that are new to 701.  As I say, if you have an hour, sit back and watch this video.

Make it full screen, and bill the time to 'training'.


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