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Sat 10th Aug 2013 | News

The Foundry has just released a really nice set of videos that explain four elements of the ideation process with MODO 701 for design people.




Basic modeling



MODO provides a modeling experience that is fast and intuitive, and one that encourages experimentation. It's a 3D sketchbook where your ideas can thrive. This is made possible buy the flexible material of the polygon, a material that can be easily edited and deformed allowing you to explore and visualize your ideas.






Sculpting allows you to experiment with design ideas without worrying about the underlying polygonal structure of an object. This allows you to make decisions about a design quickly. Ideas can then be exported for use in other areas of the design pipeline, like rapid prototyping or further development and modeling.




UV Toolset


MODO's powerful UV'ing toolset, a toolset that is well proven in the both the games and entertainment industries, allows you to quickly and accurately apply textures and decals to aspects of you model. Its high level of integration into both the modeling and rendering workflows means changes can be made in realtime and in context.






As well as common export formats the ability to export Subdivision Surfaces to your CAD application gives you the best of both worlds. You can now complement the powerful boolean and filleting tools of your CAD application with the fast, and intuitive organic modeling tools that modo has to offer.



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