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Thu 11th Jul 2013 | News


The hotly anticipated 2013 showreel packed full of the boldest, bravest and brightest work from The Mill.



Full Spot List:
00:00 Spotify "Your Music" 

00:09 Sigur Ros "Brennisteinn" 

00:16 Infiniti "Spring Sales Event"

00:18 Bastille "Pompeii"

00:20 2k Games "The Bureau Announce Trailer"

00:24 Guinness "Clock"

00:29 Toro Y Moi " So Many Details"

00:31 Spotify "Getting Weird"

00:35 James Blake "Retrograde"

00:38 Holi "Festival of Colors"

00:45 Heineken "Road To The Final"

00:47 James Blake "Retrograde"

00:48 Quaker Oats "The Hill"

00:50 Bastille "Pompeii"

00:51 Facebook "The Things That Connect Us"

00:54 Baileys "Pour Spectacular"

01:04 Sigur Ros "Fjogur Piano"

01:09 Audi "Prom"

01:17 Bamford Watch Department "Promo Film"

01:18 Mercedes "Soul:

01:20 Toyota Avalon "A Radically New Formula"

01:25 Audi "The Suspect"

01:28 Muse "Supremacy"

01:29 Powerade "Power Through"

01:31 Mitsubishi "Tomorrow"

01:34 Lurpak "Weave Your Magic"

01:38 Mercedes "Luminaries"

01:42 Lincoln Lincoln Brand Film

01:48 Quaker Oats "The Hill"

01:50 Guinness "Cloud"

01:51 Lapalux "Without You"

01:52 Lincoln Lincoln Brand Film

01:53 Call of Duty: Black Ops II Uprising "The Replacers"

01:54 Budweiser "Celebration"

01:55 Old Spce "Constant Shower"

01:56 Stella Artois "The Artist"

01:57 Priceline "Dojo"

01:58 Orbit "Polo"

01:59 Budweiser "Celebration"

02:01 Calvin Klein "Encounter"

02:06 Vikings "Main Titles"

02:08 Muse "Supremacy"

02:09 Powerade "Power Through"

02:10 BBC "Where Next?"

02:11 Verizon "Flight Suit"

02:23 Calvin Klein "CK Jeans"

02:30 Free People "Roshambo"


Music Track: "Clair de Lune (featuring Christine Hoberg)" recorded by Flight Facilities.


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