Mastering an(i)ma Tutorial Series

Thu 19th Jun 2014 | News


AXYZ design has released a series of tutorials in order to help users get the best out of an(i)ma® 1.6, the latest version of their crowd simulation software. Tutorials are available on aXYZ website, along with a free scene, to illustrate the concepts explained.


Key features highlighted in these series:


“Setting up your workflow” is the first tutorial, and takes a detailed look at creating new projects with an(i)ma, on a high level of artistic freedom, with an easy-to-use workflow. From importing and exporting reference geometry from an architectural scene, to fine tuning animations by adjusting the paths and properties of individual characters


“Stairs and escalators” is the second tutorial of series, focusing on creating sequences of animations to add characters to stairs, escalators and moving walkways.


The third tutorial is “standing and seated characters” and explains how to add fixed path animations to characters. This feature is used for creating actors that sit, stand, use doors, elevators, and much more.


The next step on the development roadmap for an(i)ma® crowd simulation software will be an(i)ma® 1.7, to be released on July 2014, and including a FBX/Colada exporter as main feature.


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