Marlin Studios Releases 'Fabulous Fabrics' Texture Library

Wed 9th Oct 2002 | News

Marlin Studios has released "Seamless Textures 9 - Fabulous Fabrics", a collection of texture maps. The collection is released in response to the proliferation of 3D character models and 3D architectural visualization.

"Like so many of our products, we created Fabulous Fabrics because of continuing feedback from our users," says Tom Marlin, President of Marlin Studios. "For years we've been getting requests for a library like this from Poser and CGI character artists and, most recently, architects and mechanical CAD users. While those areas of computer graphics were once small markets, they've recently experienced incredible growth.

"This is another one of those 'must-haves' for any graphics artist's toolbox, featuring a highly useable variety of fabric textures," Marlin added.

The library is created by Geoff Holman and includes 320 seamlessly tileable fabric textures in three sizes: Large (2048x 2048 pixels), Medium (1024x1024) and Small (512x512). The library also includes a thumbnail browser for conveniently searching the textures, which are categorized as solids, patterns, plaids, stripes, weaves, carpets, florals, seams, handwork and miscellaneous. The textures are presented in convenient high-quality JPG format.

Fabulous Fabrics sells for USD$159.

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