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Thu 31st Oct 2013 | News

CGTalker migusan76 has made available a newly authored set of procedurals for use in MARI.


Released as an open-source library, games character artist Miguel Angel Santiago Jr has made the library available as a zip file from his site, but also has the collection available through GitHub.   He introduced the library on CGSociety a couple of days ago.   It is accompanied by a video showing some of the effects and the process of installing in Windows 8 x64 using Mari 2.5.



There is a new MARI procedural library downloadable from Digiteck3D or Github that adds new procedural types like Cellular, Gabor, Perlin, Value, Simplex, Brownian, Turbulence, Inigo Multi-Fractal, Ridged Fractal noise and others. There are more procedural types planned for the future. This isn't simply a shader library that adds new nodes to MARI, but overall adds new functionality to the shader API that other shader writers can access and modify to create there own shaders from the various new noise functions added in code to the MARI shader API.

Currently the library adds a totally new GPU noise library from the great work of Brian Sharpe, which is far more efficient and accurate than the standard noise library. This is the core of the library that allows to implement various other standard noise functions that are normally found in basic procedural libraries. The library also finally adds back in the full featured cellular noise function with various feature sets to mimic organic cellular patterns. Along with these new additions the library also introduces a port of the Gabor noise function into the library, This is a special type of noise with anisotropic noise properties.

Best of all the library will fall into the open source domain under the GNU General Public License and will include all of the source code for you to modify, learn, or just continue to improve and add to it yourself.


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