MARI on a Mac

Wed 12th Jun 2013 | News

The Foundry's MARI coming to a Mac near you very soon.

Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President of worldwide marketing at Apple, mentioned MARI in the famous Apple keynote. He noted how excited they are that MARI will be coming to the Mac this year and drew attention to a very special lunchtime session due to take place as part of WWDC.



In March this year, The Foundry launched MARI 2, featuring a brand new, artist-focused layer system. This major release focused on enhancing the painting experience for 3D artists. The addition of the new layer system means MARI is easier to use than ever before and will be a familiar working environment for users of Adobe® Photoshop® and other layer based paint tools.

Jack Greasley, The Foundry’s MARI Product Manager, presented that special session in at the WWDC, charting MARI's rapid rise from in-house studio tool to the film industry’s painting tool of choice. He will detail its evolution, from original conception during Weta Digital's visual effects work on Avatar to becoming a critical element in making countless blockbusters a reality.


Jonathan Hoffman from Pixar will also showcase MARI's use on Monster's University to demonstrate the power of the new Mac Pro hardware and MARI working together.

"The Foundry has done an incredible job bringing MARI to the Mac," said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. “MARI’s high-resolution textures and 3D painting capabilities take full advantage of the incredible power and stability of the Mac.”



“Bringing MARI to the Mac is without a doubt our most requested innovation,” said Bill Collis, The Foundry’s CEO. “MARI will take full advantage of Apple's current hardware and we can't wait for the next generation Mac Pro.


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