MARI 1.6

Thu 20th Dec 2012 | News

MARI 1.6 is a production proven 3D digital paint tool. It brings AMD graphics card support, flowmap tools and is designed from the ground up for artists to spend more time being creative.



“We’re really pleased that we’re now able to fully test and qualify cards from AMD," says Jack Greasley, MARI Product Manager. "We’ve been working hard with them to make this happen and it’s great to have Radeons and FireGL cards as first class MARI platforms. MARI 1.6 also brings a new, and unique, toolkit for creating direction based effects directly on the geometry. Be it fur, feathers, scales or flowing lava, intuitive flowmap paint and vector tools give artists the power to nail the look. With new brush-tip preview and emissive shaders too, this release makes MARI more productive and accessible than ever.”



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