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Mon 17th Dec 2012 | News

The senior vice president of Autodesk Media & Entertainment (M&E) product development Marc Petit is moving on after more than ten years of service. Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk senior vice president of Reputation, Consumer and Education, will act as the head of the M&E product group while we search for Marc's replacement, while  Marc Stevens and Chris Young will continue to lead the individual M&E product management and product development teams respectively. Stig Gruman, VP of M&E Worldwide Sales and Mark Strassman, VP of M&E Industry Strategy and Marketing will continue to run sales and marketing as before.



Let's not mince words. They're big shoes to fill. Think of it. The work overseen by Marc Petit encapsulates most of what has been achieved by Autodesk M&E over the last ten years. Mudbox. Softimage. 3ds Max and Maya, 123D, some of the most incredible teams and projects that worked so well at delivering software that worked for those professionals working on movies and games. THE-AREA was Autodesk's own portal for Autodesk-centric discussions on the web and continues to grow in its own 'areas'.


Education of those entering the market has been one of Marc's personal quests. Petit's steering of the education sector for Media and Entertainment at Autodesk has given birth to Autodesk University, development and training and introduction of Autodesk software into the lucrative games industry as well as keeping this area of the company healthy through a very testing GFC. Nice work Marc. There are a lot of people working at Autodesk doing great work. Petit was also on the Autodesk team helping bring the Ballistic ELEMENTAL series of publication into being. Many other names at Autodesk of course were instrumental but from where I sit, Petit had active involvement in so many projects, the next SVP of M&E at Autodesk had better start his feet running now so he is up to speed when he lands.  Very big shoes to fill.



The Autodesk spokesperson who called me from Singapore to let me know, said that Marc is looking forward to other challenges and feels he can move on having done his job well for over ten years.

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