Mad Software releases Mad F/X™ 1.0

Fri 28th Feb 2003 | News

Mad Software is pleased to officially announce the release of Mad F/X 1.0, the fastest real-time 3D visualization and animation package for the desktop PC. Mad F/X's proprietary MAD-Engine highly exploits DirectX 9.0's hardware shader capabilities therefore running extremely fast on ATI's 8000/9000 and NVidia's GeForce 3/4/FX based accelerators. Mad F/X is the perfect tool for 3D Artist / Animators, Engineers, Architects, Game Developers, Enthusiasts and Digital Content Creators who want to quickly create visually stunning 3D worlds and animations and interact with them at mind boggling speeds.

  • Mad F/X 1.071 uses advanced vertex cache optimizations and render state management algorithms to increase speeds by up to 40%!
  • Mad F/X 1.071 Demo version is available to the public
  • Mad F/X’s real-time speeds are compared head to head against some of the top 3D packages in our first of many benchmark tests

More information on Mad F/X can be found at

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