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Tue 12th Apr 2011 | News

LightWave 10.1 delivers more powerful import and export capabilities with FBX, MDD, and integrated Autodesk Geometry Cache support, a new Skin material node, and more.

There is now support for the Off-Axis Camera rig types, which means the new LW release supports all three kinds of stereoscopic camera rigs that are available in the market today, for use in live action, MoCap and animation.  The Viewport Preview  Renderer has come in for some add extra support as well.  A nice addition, but I'm wondering if the 'added extra' came about from industry feedback. There's nothing like having an extra pair of eyes (and hands) to help with product development.

LightWave 10.1 with integrated Autodesk Geometry Cache Support gives artists the ability to include or exclude models, morphs, animations, cameras and lights upon export. Other workflow features in LightWave 10.1 offer the ability to import joints as LightWave bones for greater compatibility with other programs; multi-threaded mesh evaluation optimization and sub-d mesh freezing acceleration; linear color space workflow improvements, including new support for .ICC/.ICM monitor profiles, and more.

Additional LightWave 10.1 features include:
    •    Virtual Studio Tools
Supports InterSense Virtual Camera Tracking System (VCAM) and 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator 3D mouse, allowing interaction with models and scenes in real time.
    •    FiberFX
Hair and fur shader now supports VPR and includes improved speed, stability and displacement handling.
    •    Linear Color Space Workflow
Supports custom Look Up Tables (LUTs) for more realistic lighting and compositing flexibility, color space correction for HyperVoxels,  XYZ, Lab, RGB and CMYK data, and more.
    •    Updated User Interface
Interactive channel sliders, added control for custom colors, and numerous workflow enhancements deliver a more dynamic user experience.

LightWave 10.1 will be available to registered users of LightWave 10 in the second quarter of 2011. For a limited time the upgrade price from LightWave v9 to LightWave 10.1 is US$495; a full license for LightWave 10.1 is US$895.

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