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Wed 19th Jun 2013, by Paul Hellard | Tutorial

PipelineFX begins License Bursts for school subscriptions.


PipelineFX has announced that twice a year, all Qube! education customers on subscription can double their current license capacity at no additional charge, with the company’s new Education License Burst program. Schools can choose between a one month burst that will start at the beginning of a selected month and a 30-day burst that begins whenever they want.  This is one of those sorely needed policies for a budget-friendly solution for those education-cyclical crunch periods.    Very good news.

The program, which is exclusive to PipelineFX, will rectify a long-standing problem for educators, who can predict when their render farm usage rates will spike, but don’t always have the budget to respond to these cyclical shifts. License bursts remedy this by giving schools the freedom to plan for peak periods, like finals, without forcing them to devote any additional resources.



“A problem schools face all over the world is: ‘how do we scale support when our rendering needs go from zero to over capacity?'” said John McIntosh, chairman of the School of Visual Arts. “This license burst policy satisfies that question, and gives us room to breathe in the face of looming deadlines.”

“PipelineFX has always been a customer-first company, and that’s where this idea came from…a customer,” added Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. “We want to support the animation and visual effects industry, and since schools are the breeding grounds for our industry’s future, we can think of no better place to offer a helping hand.”


Qube! license bursts are available to education customers on subscription now. Schools that would like to take advantage of this policy can contact their PipelineFX support representative for immediate assistance.


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