• Learn to walk in Minutes, Part 2
    by William "proton" Vaughan - NewTek LightWave 3D Evangelist

    Proton: Hello all, I have received alot of good feedback on the technique for setting up a walk cycle and thought I would share another great technique I learned from Master Animator Carlos "MexicanTitan" Dominguez . Although this sample was created in LightWave 7.5, the same technique can be used for any 3D program. The video shows the entire process played back at twice the speed it was created. Here are a few key elements to remember:

    • Complete walk cycle frames: 0-36
    • Frame 0 and 36 are the same
    • Frame 18 is the exact opposite of frame 0/36
    • Frames 9 and 27 are opposite of each other

    This should get you started on a good walk cycle but is by no means a final animation. Be sure to add more detail to the walk to improve the motions.Good Luck and see you on the forums!


    Download the video: Quad walk Cycle in Minutes

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