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27 November 2013

The winners of the Kreola Matte Painting Challenge on CGSociety have been chosen!

To celebrate the launch of d’artiste: Matte Painting 3, CGSociety challenged the world’s matte painters to create a stunning matte based on a plate by one of the authors of our latest book, Milan Schere.

The challenge was to bring Schere’s personal project "Kreola After Earth: Phantom Memories" to life. It is a steam-punk science fiction tale, revolving around a human girl on an alien planet who is caught between the lines at the brink of a war. As the external story arc develops, we gradually discover more about Yuki's past, ultimately placing her into a key position within the upcoming revolution.

CGSociety and Ballistic Publishing would also like to thank COREL as well for the involvement and sponsorship of the contest.


The submitted works were judged on the strength of their emotive and narrative elements, with technical excellence as secondary criteria. In keeping with the promotional aspect of the challenge, the Kreola Matte Painting Challenge was judged by the authors of the d’artiste Masterclass book; David Luong, Milan Schere, Damien Mace and Jaime Jasso. Also, as a special guest judge, we were pleased to have Michael Pangrazio on the judging panel. Michael Pangrazio is the award winning, traditional and digital matte artist famous for his outstanding work on Lucasfilm's Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back. Michael Pangrazio is currently Senior Art Director at Weta Digital.

More about Michael Pangrazio


The FIRST PRIZE goes to Somnath Patra (Somu01) from Bangalore, INDIA for 'Neo-Sparta'

Artist comments:  I am Somnath Patra. I completed my Fine Arts training at Kolkata Academy of Fine Arts West Bengal, INDIA. I have many years of experience in animation, in the fields of 2D, 3D and Gaming. I specialized in traditional painting, the digital art of 2D backgrounds, as well as Matte Painting in 2D and 3D. I’ve worked as Matte Painter in many studios like the Dreamworks Dedicated Unit in Bangalore and MPC Bangalore and now I am working at Zynga in Bangalore.

I had a great experience with this CGSociety DMP challenge. All brilliant, experienced artists did their masterpieces of work. Congratulations to all the contestants for finishing their entries and getting them submitted on time. It was a great opportunity to show my talent to CGSociety members and visiting guests as well as pushing myself.

I know how hard it is to create personal pieces of Matte Painting within a short period of time.

I very much liked this ‘Kreola After Earth’ concept and found it to be challenging. After reading through all the instructions I did some research on the subject and some reference collecting. I started my sketches in overtime, and worked up to the result. Initially it was hard to figure out the perspective, because the plate itself has many buildings making it tough. I believe it’s the biggest challenge for a Matte Painter to keep the elements from the original plate as much as possible and create the rest of the world around it.

I would like take this opportunity to thank the judges for their feedback throughout the WIP process which helped me a lot. I would extend my gratitude to all of the judges.

Judges' comments:
“Beautiful atmosphere in here, with use of the original plate clearly on the left hand side, repeating on the cliffs just like in the Kreola story. This has a nice photoreal quality to it and some nice light and shadow shapes for composition.” - David Luong

“When I first saw the work in progress I knew this image was going to be difficult both, technically and artistically and it turned out awesome, I really like the sense of scale and atmosphere, it makes my imagination fly just wondering what's going on in this city, I think what works best in this image is scale/atmosphere, and light and shadow painting, it makes everything blend together seamless and with the correct exposure,congratulations well deserved!” - Jaime Jasso.

For winning First place in the Kreola Matte Painting Challenge, Somnath Patra wins a Corel Painter X3, a Choice of a CGWorkshop, a 12 month CGSociety CONNECT membership, Slip Case d’artiste: Matte Painting 1, 2 & a Limited Edition of d'artiste: Matte Painting 3.

Somnath Patra (somu01) Kreola Challenge


The SECOND PRIZE goes to Bryan Sola (bpsola) from Manila, PHILIPPINES for his as yet unnamed image.

Artist comments:
'First of All, I would like to thank God for this opportunity to share my talents and insights to my fellow artists, secondly, to the people behind this challenge for their guidance as we create our wonderful entries, and thirdly, to the people who helped, criticize, and gave strength to me as I create this piece. This is really worth the experience and I really enjoyed creating this environment! And for those artists who finished their entries, be proud as we gain the prize of knowledge!

Judges' comments:
“This one is a really fantastic interpretation of Kreola. Nice bright day light and very sharp canvases across the bridges with great design. Love the huge bustling buildings below with the river flowing. The ship on the far right has some great futuristic steam punk infusions in it.” - David Luong.

“The general Aesthetic is really good, the desaturated color palette helps a lot giving a nice film look, I really like the design and depth in this one, this is a successful concept and final matte painting, it's incredible the amount of detail you have in that rock wall, hundreds of very detailed houses, perfectly working with the hole concept, congratulations!” - Jaime Jasso.


For winning Second place in the Kreola Matte Painting Challenge, Bryan Sola wins a Corel Painter X3, a Choice of a CGTOD, a 12 month CGSociety CONNECT membership, Slip Case d’artiste: Matte Painting 1, 2 & a Limited Edition of d'artiste: Matte Painting 3.

Bryan Sola's Kreola Matte Painting Challenge page



The THIRD PRIZE goes to Torsten Wolber (Artvandeley) from Cologne GERMANY for his 'Sangoma Man' image.


Artist comments:
'Since this was my first attempt at doing a matte painting I must say I´m very excited about being judged Third prize among these amazing artists. I entered this challenge because I always wanted to do something like this, but never had the opportunity.

The jury members and other contestants helped me a lot to avoid the main pitfalls, but still I ended up handing in a decent illustration one would see in a book rather than a mattepainting in it´s cinematic sense, look and feel. But even if my long experience as an illustrator kept me from achieving this, the very same skills allowed me to pull this off adding the details within one weekend, that is, 50 hours.

I established an accurate concept including 3D in my workflow like I would preparing an illustration. Because of that I had a hard time filling this kind of rigid design with details. Still I´m very happy with the outcome, let alone getting an even more unexpected award.

It was fun to participate, fantastic to learn something new and great to meet new friends along the way. Thanks a million for the big effort by the organiser and jury members to give us all this wonderful opportunity and experience.

Judges' comments:
“You can really feel the height in this one. The 200m drop below according to the Kreola story is realized quite well here. The saturated yellows and oranges really bring up the exotic and ethnic feel in this piece. I think the only thing to improve here is the shadow consistency in the river from the mountain cliffs to the left.” - David Luong.

“This is a very interesting city to look at, so many detail and those saturated colors definitely help leading the eye through the image and composition, I like the attention to detail in the metal pieces, as well as some very defined highlights where they should be to keep a nice balance in light and shadow, I want to see this populated and with those flags moving! that would be epic! well done congratulations!” - Jaime Jasso.

For winning THIRD Prize in the Kreola Matte Painting Challenge here on CGSociety, Torsten Wolber wins a copy of Corel Painter X3, a Choice of CGTOD, CGSociety CONNECT membership, and a Slip Case d’artiste: Matte Painting 1, 2 & 3 from Ballistic Publishing.

Torsten Wolber's 'Kreola' Matte Painting Challenge page.



There were three well deserved HONORARY MENTIONS in the Kreola Matte Painting Challenge. Here are the links through to their contest pages. Congratulations to all the winners and as well, all those who participated in this unique challenge. So too to COREL for their involvement, enthusiasm and cooperation, and Ballistic Publishing for their additional prizes.


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