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Sun 26th Jan 2003 | News

Alberta, Canada - Jan 25, 2003 -- Lost Pencil Animation Studios Inc. is pleased to present a new training CD in the "Just Animate" Lightwave series which focuses on Character Animation for games and game creation.

If you are curious how games are made, or if you want to delve into game creation yourself using Lightwave 7.5, this is the perfect CD to help you to get started.

Using Lightwave 7.5, we create, from scratch, a number of character game loops (walk, run, jump, stand and death) and export the Lightwave model and animations into the GameStudio game engine.

Then, using GameStudio level editor, we create a small game level that contains a lit, textured environment and an interactive door which opens when triggered by the player. The character, Jack Napalm (created by Christophe Desse), is controlled by the player, will pick up and carry a gun, shoot the gun, attack and be attacked by evil Jack Napalm clones, walk, run, jump, stand around and die if his health points reach zero.

Included on the CD is a demo version of the Conitec GameStudio game engine and level editor so you can begin creating your game right away. Also included is the export plugin for Lightwave created by Michael Bristol, which allows you to export your Lightwave 7.5 model and animations, and load them into GameStudio.

To make sure you have everything you need for your first game we also include the fully rigged Jack Napalm character created by Christophe Desse (both a high resolution version and a lower polygon game version). We also include two other models (one fully rigged and the other ready for rigging) that have been created by Christophe. We also include our rigged low polygon Blue Character on the CD.

Paul Mikulecky, the creator of the CDs, said "We have also been listening to our users and have improved the content by adding more audio commentary and in this release of the CD we are including a browser interface which is linked to smaller more managable video files. This CD was a lot of fun to create, I believe you will have a lot of fun creating your own games!"

The two CD set is available for an introductory price of $19.99USD (price valid until Feb. 4, 2003).

To download the game, view the in game animation, for more information and to order this new Just Animate Training CD, please visit:

Lost Pencil Animation Studios

Contact: Paul Mikulecky
Lost Pencil Animation Studios Inc.
Lost Pencil Animation Studios

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