Jot Touch 4

Mon 3rd Jun 2013 | News

Adonit releases Jot Touch pen series for drawing, painting and swiping on the iPad.



Small company Adonit sets out to make tools for mobile creatives with the goal to remove the barrier between thought and creation. Drawing on the iPad has been unnatural because of several obstacles. The screen was programmed for imprecise fingers, no pressure sensitive input, and you could not rest your hand on the screen naturally.

The Jot Touch fixes that and is the natural way to create on the iPad.  This is not just a normal product release. This is the first stylus to get 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity on the iPad. Adding Palm Rejection (the ability to rest your hand on the screen) makes Jot Touch 4 the most intuitive and natural drawing experience on the iPad.


The Adonit Jot Styluses are known for ballpoint precision and quality. Bluetooth 4 gives users up to one month battery life, and the list of Jot Touch compatible apps is growing.


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