IRIDAS Opens Door to Direct Playback of Uncompressed Cineon Files

Mon 7th Apr 2003 | News

Researchers at IRIDAS, a leading developer of uncompressed digital playback technology for the film and broadcast industry, have developed a PC-based system that plays uncompressed film-resolution sequences at full-speed, directly from 8, 10 or 16-bit formats -- without converting to special high-speed formats. This breakthrough allows artists, compositors and other users to maintain optimal image integrity while providing the benefit of
immediate access to sequences of any length in 2K or higher resolution. Eliminating the need for special file formats also speeds up workflow and saves valuable hard-drive storage space.

This advance was made possible by developments to IRIDAS' Intelligent Look-Ahead Playback (ILAP) system -- a unique RAM buffering technology which pre-loads upcoming frames in the background while a sequence is
playing. ILAP2 augments that process so that while frames are loading, they are simultaneously being decoded. The result is a dramatic increase in performance enabling direct-from-disk playback in any format.

"Removing the need for format conversion is an important milestone in our drive to perfect the quality and efficiency of uncompressed high resolution playback," says IRIDAS Vice President of Research and Development, Michael Gallo. "Now users can not only play back Cineon files, but other industry formats as well, directly from disk. To give just one example of what this means for artists: look-up table adjustments are immediately reflected in real-time, giving reviewers instantaneous feedback on different color correction scenarios."

IRIDAS will introduce its ILAP2-powered FrameCycler DDS Infinite software at NAB2003 in conjunction with a DVI to HD downconverter developed by Miranda Technologies. Visitors can view demonstrations and speak with IRIDAS representatives at the Miranda booth in Central Hall C-2826.

DDS Infinite with ILAP2 is available immediately. DDS Infinite is priced at $9999 US. Upgrades from DDS 2K are available for $3999 US. ILAP2 requires a dual Xeon system with a dual SCSI 320 attached RAID, or comparable storage. Further information about FrameCycler DDS, other IRIDAS Products, and licensing options can be obtained by visiting or calling IRIDAS at +49 (89) 330 40 982.

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