Inivis announces powerful Multi-platform 3D Modeling For Under $50

Mon 17th Feb 2003 | News

February 17, 2003 -- Inivis, a developer of easy-to-use 3D software, announce the release of a new version of their popular 3D graphics package, AC3D - available for Windows and Linux.

AC3D enables quick and easy construction of three dimensional models and scenes. It contains many features found in software costing considerably more. It is used globally to design 3D models for games and virtual reality simulations, and for producing high-resolution rendering graphics and three dimensional data visualisations.

AC3D allows fast, uncomplicated vertex level polygon editing and it includes a graphical texture coordinate editor. It supports the widely used 3D graphics file formats including 3D Studio, VRML, POV-ray, Renderman and many more.

“Our users like AC3D because of its ease of use.”, says Andy Colebourne, founder and CTO of Inivis Limited, “We aim to bring 3D modeling to a wider audience by providing affordable software with an intuitive interface.”

AC3D is also available for Linux. “We enjoy working with Linux and see it being increasingly employed as a standard competitive platform both commercially and in educational environments.”

A free trial version is available from the web site, along with numerous plugins that add extra functionality and support for additional file formats. A software development kit is also available.

About Inivis
Inivis Limited was founded in 2002. Based near Cambridge, England, Inivis was formed to further develop and support the popular AC3D software, which was initially produced as part of university research. A large number of educational sites are licensed for AC3D and it is also bundled with a number of commercial software packages. For further details see

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