Imaginary Forces Produces 'Daredevil' Opening Titles with Cinema 4D

Sat 15th Mar 2003 | News

Imaginary Forces' main title sequence for the box-office sizzler "Daredevil" sets the scene for the Marvel superhero story as audiences suddenly find themselves traveling around a dark metropolis to discover the cast's names in Braille. Working with director's Mark Steven Johnson's request to play up Daredevil's distinguishing trait, blindness, Imaginary Forces (IF) played with the concept of discovery, designing a sequence in which the audience would feel it couldn't trust its eyes. "We created the credits to mysteriously reveal themselves from the city itself, with the names always within the scene though not seen initially," explains designer Karin Fong, who led the IF team. (An Emmy-Award winning designer, Fong also led the IF team who created the title sequence for the box-office smash "Charlie's Angels.")

Imaginary Forces relied on Maxon Cinema 4D for the creation of the
opening titles for the blockbuster comic movie 'Daredevil'

As the camera drifts over the nighttime view of New York City, buildings dramatically withdraw from the frame, leaving a pattern of bright city lights that form Braille letters that eventually become readable names. Imaginary Forces artists created digital models of the virtual cityscape, New York City, in a matter of weeks on Macintosh Computers using Maxon's 3D Animation software Cinema 4D. The team utilized this product because it was easier, faster and more stable than most other 3D programs to create camera moves and a dark, haunting atmosphere true to Daredevil's comic book origins. The sequence also features a seamless integration of typography within the architectural setting.

"Though fans of the Marvel comic know their hero is blind, hopefully, the titles will give some people a tiny moment of surprise," adds Fong. "We'll be pleased if at some point during the film, either during the sequence or later on, the audience realizes why the credits emerge in this particular way."

As part of the opening sequence, Imaginary Forces
also created a cityscape resembling New York city.

While Fong and a team of animators were busy building a dramatic cityscape for New York City for "Daredevil," many of her Imaginary Forces' associates were immersed in United Architects, an international consortium of designers and architects they co-founded to create a redesign of the World Trade Center site. (United Architects was one of seven teams selected from hundreds of applications worldwide to submit an architectural proposal.) This month, Imaginary Forces will also see the "release" of the 10 commemorative stamps, "American Filmmaking: Behind the Scenes," that it designed. The collection will be issued February 25th by the US Postal Service and The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


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