Houdini Escape for Modeling and Animating Characters

Tue 23rd Jul 2002 | News

Side Effects Software, developer of the award-winning Houdini 3D software, announced today Houdini Escape, a comprehensive stand-alone modeling and character animation package. Joining the powerful, scalable Houdini family of products that also includes Houdini Master, Houdini Select and Houdini Halo, Houdini Escape provides a complete, yet cost-effective, solution to enhance creativity and productivity for all character-based projects, including fully CG films and television programming.

Houdini Escape is a dedicated program for modeling and character work developed around the industry-proven technology of Houdini Master, now in version 5.5. Houdini Escape brings together intuitive modeling and procedurally based character animation tools with highly integrated tools for texturing, shading, materials and, via native support for Houdini Mantra, rendering. These capabilities make Houdini Escape an excellent choice to support character-focused user applications from the most basic to the most complex.

In addition to its core set of character animation features, Houdini Escape uniquely incorporates popular Houdini functionality including CHOPs for motion editing and blending, VEX for custom-created operators and VOPs, a new interactive way to design VEX shaders, composite operators, and more, without writing code. Houdini Escape runs on Windows 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP, Irix 6.5, Linux and Solaris 8+ and will be generally available in Q4 of 2002 at a price point to be announced at a later date.

Side Effects Software

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