Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | News

The Foundry has launched a new VFX review tool.

The Foundry has released a brand new kind of tool for the VFX industry. HIEROPLAYER is a VFX review and playback tool built for compositing artists. This new tool gives artists the increased flexibility to playback every shot on the VFX timeline in context on the own workstation as they work on the shot. This opens the door to showing exporting of a shot or sequence, and playing it back with full audio and effects, on HIEROPLAYER's own VFX timeline. There is also access to multiple versions of their shots through this player.



You can save out projects for reference, shot tagg to add notes and take advantage of a number of extended media management capabilities that allow artists to create their own element libraries of effects and instances. There is also out-of-the-box playback in all NUKE accepted image formats, including multi-channel EXRs as well as Python scripting for easy integration to other VFX pipelines.



The Foundry's HIEROPLAYER tool costs UKP200, which includes one year's maintenance.


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