Fri 9th Nov 2012 | News

The Foundry has released HIERO 1.5, bringing shot management another step further towards a one application solution.

HIERO is a pipeline in a box, bringing shot management, conform and a review system to visual effects production. 


The new version of HIERO is designed to enhance its standing among studios throughout the world with Windows OS Support, as well as OS X and Linux. 

It also has Broadcast Monitor Out, so you can check color space and aspect ratios on broadcast content during the review process with complatible Blackmagic and AJA SDI-Out hardware.   It supports multi channel images as well, like you would in The Foundry's NUKE.


Using HIERO's export system, you can also now edit directly with raw footage or transcode out to other image formats.

This video shows how to inject additional nodes into exported NUKE scripts and transcoded timelines, on a per shot/track/sequence basis.
Create the Nodes you wish to add in NUKE, copy them, and paste them into the Additional Nodes dialog. You can optionally filter these by tag.

Hiero 1.5 is available now for US$3,750.

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