Harry fights Tintin and Optimus

Tue 10th Jan 2012 | News

Harry Potter and Tintin are in a fight for the nominations of the VES Awards.



Harry Potter and Tintin are in a tussle with the Transformers for the nominations of the VES Awards. Pirates, Rango and Boardwalk Empire were also mentioned in dispatches for the VES nominations, announced in Los Angeles on Sunday.


The nominees were announced after strenuous judging sessions by distinguished panels of VES members who viewed submissions at the FotoKem screening facilities in Burbank and New York, FotoKem’s Spy in San Francisco, and other facilities in London, Sydney, Vancouver and Wellington.



The field of productions pipped for inclusion to the list brings some new animated story blood into the frey with Rango, Tintin and Arthur Christmas being introduced. Television commercial productions and venue ride creations also have a major presence in the list available on the VES website. "“The standard of the creative work that is being considered this year is unbelievably high across all categories,"” says Jeffrey A. Okun, Chair of the Visual Effects Society. “"The judges faced a huge challenge because all of the work was so far above the norm. We’re honored to have the opportunity to focus the spotlight on the outstanding work that has contributed to some of the highest grossing films and broadcast projects of all time.”"


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