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Sat 5th Mar 2011, by | Gdc2011

This is probably going to be the most highly sought after launch title of the Nintendo 3DS.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition is an exact port of the home console versions with a few added extras to the 3D functionality of the 3DS which, mind you, works very well. After playing it for a bit I am actually very excited about this port which is weird because I am rarely ever excited about ports.

There is nothing taken away from the core gameplay; it plays exactly like the home versions. The tiny 'd-pad' was a little bit of a hassle at first but after a short while you barely notice it. Typically, I love the fact that the 360 and PS3 have four shoulder buttons instead of just two. I can then program the two extra buttons to press all three punch buttons or all three kicks. The 3DS however only has two shoulder buttons (which was already expected).

Before I got my hands on this demo, I dreaded the idea of trying to cramp my hand around the system to reach all three punch or kick buttons to perform certain moves. Capcom anticipated my anxiety at this problem and offered a solution. If you’ve ever seen gameplay footage of SSF4 on 3DS you will have noticed that during a fight there are four touchable tiles on the bottom screen that perform special moves, super moves and ultra moves. Well, you can change the functionality of those tiles to have the execute all three punch or kick commands rather than the specials and supers. As a gamer, thank you Capcom!
Here are the only issues I have so far. The tiles allow you to instantly pull off specials, supers and ultras with just a touch. Well that’s all well and good for most moves because most moves can be pulled off quickly either way. However, characters who have to charge their moves like Blanka and Guile can now instantly pull off their moves without having to hold a direction for two seconds like normal. I can already see guys online cheating like holy hell with Guile. We’ll just have to wait and see. Also, Capcom has added the option to fight in kind of an 'over the shoulder view' instead of the traditional side view.

This might have been a nice feature on the home versions but on the smaller 3DS screen, it gets a little hard to follow what’s happening. Sure it looks nice with the 3D feature and all, but in the heat of battle serious player are probably not going to care. Again, this is something that you would have to spend more time with to get used to. Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition [SSF4:3D] will launch in the States with the 3DS on March 27th and then a couple days later for Europe and Australia. Of course, the 3DS and SSF4:3D are both already out in Japan.

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