Hands-on: Kid Icarus: Uprising

Sat 5th Mar 2011, by | Gdc2011

Let's see… How long has it been since a Kid Icarus game has been released?

What’s it been, like… 20 years! It’s about time Nintendo gave us some "Kid Icarus" love. The game plays like an action/adventure title mixed in with a third-person shooter with just a dash of 'rail shooter' tossed in. The art is gorgeous for a portable title. The main character Pit retains the same look as his character model from Super Smash Bros, 'Brawl'.

Enemies are just as random as they’ve always have been with things ranging from hokey looking eggplant baddies to giant eyes with mouths and other ridiculous looking models. Thankfully, not everything has that 'cartoony', low-res feel to it; the environments look surprisingly complex especially when flying above them. You’ll see things like ice caverns and huge castles. Also, some of the bigger, more intimidating baddies are comprised of pretty impressive models and designs.

My biggest concern going into this was, 'How well are the textures going to look up close; especially with the 3D functionality?' Turns out, the textures didn’t pixelate at all on my watch. Speaking of the 3D, it works pretty well and Nintendo makes sure to toss in plenty of flying bad guys and lasers right at your face to really give you the effect.

Keep in mind that there are no glasses necessary to get the 3D effect on the 3DS when playing the game. Wrap your noggin around that and the fact that a 3D effect even exists. This brings a whole new level of appreciation. Still no solid release date on when this will be released but it will be after the E3 in June.

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