HANDS-ON: Chime Super Deluxe

Sun 6th Mar 2011, by | Gdc2011

Chime is an out of-the-park color filled strategy game with music, challenge and brain-tease.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the brilliant game Chime, it originally released on Xbox LIVE Arcade and was a giant fundraiser for charity. It later came out on Steam with the added feature of including the 'Still Alive' song from portal. This game has been so well received that English developers, Zoë Mode, are now releasing an expanded version called Chime Super Deluxe exclusively for the PlayStation Network.

Chime is a sensory relaxer. It’s graphics are simple and soothing and the music is creative and very, very underground. No character models here; Chime dazzles the eyes with minimalist design elements such as luminous blocks and grid based levels ranging from very simple to very complex.

Chime adds a slew of new features such as new 2-4 player multiplayer modes and new music. Ten music tracks total will be included featuring 'electronica' style music with artists such as Moby. However, the Zoë Mode devs are hopeful that the game will sell well so that they can add many more tracks and really branch out into other music genres as well.

All goes well, it should be coming out on PSN in a month for about ten dollars or seven euros.

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