Ghost 3D, LLC releases surf-iT v.1.55 3D modeling kit

Fri 25th Oct 2002 | News

October 23, 2002 (Castro Valley, CA)-- GHOST 3D, LLC officially announced today the release of Surf-iT(tm) version 1.55, a powerful Spline based 3D modeling plug-in for Discreet’s top-selling 3ds max (tm) and Autodesk VIZ(r) from Autodesk, Inc. Surf-iT is the premiere 3ds max and VIZ plug-in to incorporate instant creation of parametric 3D Spline objects, called S-Objects(tm), and includes the most extensive 3D Spline modeling, editing and surfacing tools.

The new version Surf-iT 1.55 incorporates a significant overhaul to enhance features and extend scripting to the Spline Editor commands, and also adds new UI integration of toolbars and menus. It also marks the targeted integration and support of the new 3ds max 5 release from Discreet.

Some of the key features and enhancements in Surf-iT version 1.55 include: Spline Editing improvements and enhancements, new menus and tools, direct quad menu support, and scripting methods for all the Spline Editing commands and operations – including important get and set methods for toggle options like Radial Selection, Soft Selection, Select All in Spline, and more. There is a unique enhanced Extrude function that supports open selections and closed (surface-able) hole extrusions and intrusions. Add to this easily accessible S-Object 3D Spline object creation through macros from the Spline Editor or anywhere in the UI. Also, Surf-iT’s enhanced proprietary EQA Handling technology affords game developers and 3D artists the option to additionally surface very involved and dense adjacencies of quadrangular shapes in the Spline model. In addition, the Surf-iT preview floater controls have been updated for better support.

The Surf-iT modeling kit assists students and professionals at world-renowned film and television production studios, accredited Universities worldwide, major game developers and publishers, engineering and medical organizations, and even the US military.

In terms of number of tools, feature support, integration and the speedy workflow, the Surf-iT 3D modeling kit truly excels as one of the most extensive efforts in plugin enhancements available to 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ in its price range. More importantly the productivity for 3d artists, game developers, designers and modeling experts is second to none, because the workflow and feature set provide all the important aspects of mesh editing, combined with the flexibility of Spline curve editing, and the power to convert the curves to NURBS or surface them to mesh or patch objects. Game artists can think of Surf-iT as a core or springboard for all techniques and tools for modeling any object of any complexity in 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ.

All Surf-iT’s tools, objects, and the S-Objects are fully compatible with 3ds max’s native object classes, so that game developers leveraging 3ds max’s Open Source initiative can integrate Surf-iT created content in their game engines without having to make any sacrifices and without having to learn new interfaces, classes or methods. While this level of support and integration comes as the result of significant efforts with each new release of 3ds max and VIZ, GHOST 3D continues to remain dedicated to the needs of the 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ communities.

Surf-iT 1.55 retails for $199.95 USD. The upgrade is available at no additional fee to existing end users. Purchasing information is available from


Surf-iT enables 3D artists and animators at virtually any skill level the ability to create efficient and sophisticated 3D models quickly and effectively. The product is designed to be simple to use, and yet provides advanced 3D operations. Surf-iT’s technology is integrated around Splines and Patch surfaces, providing a fast high quality surfacing engine, and combining it with the most extensive and comprehensive Spline creation and editing toolkit. Surf-iT also works exceptionally well in conjunction with ResErect (also from GHOST 3D) as a complete resolution independent re-engineering system.

The Surf-iT modeling kit provides S-Object tools to allow instant creation of complex parametric Spline networks that can be dynamically modified, edited, and immediately surfaced at any time using a variety of different attributes and techniques. Game developers, film and entertainment production teams can easily incorporate Surf-iT to enhance their production workflow, because Surf-iT builds on the existing benefits of the familiar 3ds max and VIZ interface, and then further expands on this with convenient and time-saving operations and tools.

Additionally, there are five other modular components making Surf-iT incredibly flexible and fully compatible with 3ds max standards. Customers can use Surf-iT’s robust Spline Editor to locally (or globally) refine and shape the areas of the object where the detail is needed. Protrusions and cavities can be instantly extruded at the Spline level as if operating on a solid object. The modular and organized workflow means maximum flexibility and avoids the need to commit to permanent surface operations. Surfacing is automatic, multi-level, and can be viewed simultaneously during Spline operations.

Surf-iT uniquely optimizes the 3D surface for a desirable construction and efficient polygon count, while automatically detecting and highlighting any ambiguous construction issues present in the source Spline object. Combine this intelligent surfacing with speed, Max Script integration, a macro suite, extensive documentation and tutorials, and it becomes clear why Surf-iT is growing as the preferred choice for professional 3D animators and artists around the world.

Surf-iT retails for $199.95 USD. The upgrade is available at no additional fee to existing end users. Purchasing information is available from


GHOST 3D, LLC is a California based 3D technology developer and production studio. The company is an authorized Discreet/Autodesk developer and is partnered with several other technology developers and publishers. Products and services are available directly via GHOST 3D's web site, and also through dedicated distribution channels. From the creation of proprietary software tools to animation and visual effects production, GHOST 3D is immersed in the 3-dimensional digital world. For several years, GHOST 3D has been committed to developing tools that fully integrate with the offerings of the Discreet product line. Founding members have maintained close ties with Discreet and Autodesk, including roles on both the original Character Studio® development team and involvement as a design partner for the Character Studio Release 2 product (Character Studio is the character animation technology behind the "Dancing Baby" phenomenon).

GHOST 3D is also working closely with technologies from Immersion Corporation, MicroSoft Corporation, and others. These alliances have enabled GHOST 3D to produce several premiere and advanced commercial 3D technologies, including the very first interactive digitizing solution for 3D Studio MAX, which has now been culminated into the recent Scribe-iT™ desktop digitizing product - arguably the most flexible tool of its kind on the market. GHOST 3D has also produced imagery and animation for a variety of film post-production projects, animated television series and commercials, as well as computer and console based game production projects.

or visit GHOST 3D on the web at for additional information.

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