Ghost 3D, LLC releases scribe-iT v.1.55

Fri 25th Oct 2002 | News

October 23, 2002 (Castro Valley, CA) -- GHOST 3D, LLC announces today the release of Scribe-iT (tm) version 1.55, an advanced desktop 3D digitizing solution for Discreet’s top-selling 3ds max (tm) and Autodesk VIZ(r) from Autodesk, Inc. Scribe-iT1.55 offers new support for the recently released MicroScribe G2 digitizers from Immersion Corp, and includes the newly released Surf-iT 1.55 modeling toolkit and surfacing engines. The GHOST 3D software can be purchased through a worldwide network of resellers or directly online from

Scribe-iT advanced desktop digitizing software seamlessly integrates the full line of Immersion MicroScribe 3D and G2 digitizers with the new 3ds max 5 release from Discreet, as well as 3ds max 2 through 3ds max 4 and Autodesk VIZ 3 and 4. Scribe-iT builds on its predecessor “MicroScribe-MAX,” by providing an innovative proprietary digitizing feature set including: creation techniques, animation, camera manipulation, a proprietary interactive 3D cursor and unsurpassed flexibility in surfacing and modifications of digitized datasets. Customers can rapidly build accurate 3D computer models from physical objects with Scribe-iT’s versatile features by simply placing the digitizer probe on physical surfaces and automatically inputting the 3D datasets. Scribe-iT provides flexible Spline creation tools, controllable NURBS conversion, Mesh creation, unique Mesh Strips creation and the popular Surf-iT modeling and surfacing toolset to assist 3D artists, animators, engineers and designers alike.

Scribe-iT Desktop Digitizing software is currently in use by world-renowned film and television production studios, accredited Universities worldwide, major game developers and publishers, engineering and medical organizations, and even the US military.

One of Scribe-iT’s most significant highlights is the ability to convert modified digitized objects back to the creation state for appending data. This means almost any standard and third party 3ds max modifiers can become part of the digitizing process. Artist/Animator Mitch Gates of REZN8 explains, “I needed to bring [my sculpture] 'Bubba' into the virtual world, and still allow for small enhancements to the 3D model’s surface. The Scribe-iT plug-in for 3D Studio MAX allowed me to work back and forth between my sculpture, the 3D model, and the necessary MAX modifications I wanted to incorporate.”

Scribe-iT debuted 3 years ago as the first ever implementation of animation support for the MicroScribe digitizers – articulated arm digitizing devices that use absolute transformation data streams. Scribe-iT provides interactive camera manipulation and animation (during the digitizing process), and can be used to animate linked objects using a variety of animation controllers. Now 3D professionals can also navigate their digitized surfaces at accurate scale from any angle for fantastic fly-throughs of their models or product replicas. Digitizing has never before been so completely interactive.

The founders of GHOST 3D developed unique digitizing solutions and techniques that were the first of their kind to be made commercially available to 3D design and animation markets. Scribe-iT is the culmination of this dedicated experience as an evolved modular toolset with a planned support for new platforms and host applications.

Scribe-iT also employs a proprietary reference/registration system that allows greater flexibility for the operator to manipulate the digitized data objects without disturbing the accuracy or alignment with the digitizer digitizer's spatial coordinate system. This means that data objects can be modified and appended to with the digitizer without loss of time or work.

Excellent reference documentation and new tutorials make such advanced features easy to learn. To complete this professional digitizing package, Scribe-iT also incorporates the robust Surf-iT modeling kit (which is also available separately from GHOST 3D), providing the most powerful Spline-Patch modeling and surfacing in 3ds max and Autodesk VIZ. This combination empowers 3D artists, animators and designers with unprecedented speed and quality in surfacing 3D Spline objects, and is exceptionally optimized for surfacing large digitized datasets created with Scribe-iT. With these recent releases of Scribe-iT1.55 and Surf-iT 1.55, GHOST 3D underscores it’s mission to innovate as a leading edge developer for state-of-the-art 3D modeling and animation tools. Designed specifically for 3ds max, the most popular 3D software solution for PC-based professionals, Scribe-iT and Surf-iT extend and enhance the 3D modeling workflow to new heights.

Scribe-iT pricing starts at $595 USD. The upgrade is available at no additional fee to existing end users. Purchasing information is available from


GHOST 3D, LLC is a California based 3D technology developer and production studio. The company is an authorized Discreet/Autodesk developer and is partnered with several other technology developers and publishers. Products and services are available directly via GHOST 3D's web site, and also through dedicated distribution channels. From the creation of proprietary software tools to animation and visual effects production, GHOST 3D is immersed in the 3-dimensional digital world. For several years, GHOST 3D has been committed to developing tools that fully integrate with the offerings of the Discreet product line. Founding members have maintained close ties with Discreet and Autodesk, including roles on both the original Character Studio® development team and involvement as a design partner for the Character Studio Release 2 product (Character Studio is the character animation technology behind the "Dancing Baby" phenomenon).

GHOST 3D is also working closely with technologies from Immersion Corporation, MicroSoft Corporation, and others. These alliances have enabled GHOST 3D to produce several premiere and advanced commercial 3D technologies, including the very first interactive digitizing solution for 3D Studio MAX, which has now been culminated into the recent Scribe-iT™ desktop digitizing product - arguably the most flexible tool of its kind on the market. GHOST 3D has also produced imagery and animation for a variety of film post-production projects, animated television series and commercials, as well as computer and console based game production projects.

or visit GHOST 3D on the web at for additional information.

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