• Framestore CFC continued this year's winning streak at the annual Royal Television Society Craft & Design Awards. The company won the Team Award for its work on 'WALKING WITH BEASTS' at the ceremony, hosted by Richard Whitely and held at London's Savoy Hotel.

    Of the Team Award to Framestore CFC, the RTS jury commented, "The scale, complexity, ground-breaking techniques and co-ordination of different aspects to produce the final remarkable, believable results greatly impressed the Jury. The advances since 'WALKING WITH DINOSAURS' portraying fur and grass as well as producing significantly better composite pictures owed much to outstanding teamwork."

    The RTS was founded in 1927 and the RTS Craft & Design Awards were instituted in 1987. Over the years the awards have grown in number to reflect the diverse range of skills and artistry and the scope of technological advance in the field of television.

    This award comes near the end of a year that has seen an unprecedented run of major awards for Framestore CFC. In addition to sweeping all three of its nominated categories at the BTAA awards earlier this month, during 2002 the company has so far received two Emmys (for 'DINOTOPIA' and 'WALKING WITH BEASTS'), three LEAF awards (again winning in all its nominated categories) and a Shark at Kinsale.

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