Forest Pack 4

Tue 19th Feb 2013 | News

iToosoft has releases Forest Pack 4 featuring support for all leading render engines.


iTooSoft has been focused these past few weeks to release the new foliage generator, Forest Pack 4. This version features new compatibility with the main render engines, including V-Ray RT, Maxwell Render, Octane, Thea and Arion.


Forest Pack 4 adds many improvements, including an enhanced library with grass and ground cover presets, support for groups, shaded point cloud display and the addition of density/scale falloff curves by Slope. Find out more about all the new features in the release notes. Forest Pack is the popular scattering tool for creating natural environments with 3ds Max and 3ds Max Design. Using native shaders for the main render engines used in the industry, it enables the scattering of thousands of plants, and the interactive creation of scenes with a virtually unlimited number of objects. A Lite version is freely available to download on iToosoft website.





This release is part of the company´s developing program for Q1 2013, which also includes the upcoming release of the new version of RailClone, to be launched in March.


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