Fabric Software to reveal visual programming and Splice for 3ds Max at SIGGRAPH

Thu 24th Jul 2014 | News


Fabric Software, the company behind Fabric Engine, the development framework for high performance visual effects tools, has announced two major developments – visual programming and Splice for 3ds Max. Both features will be previewed at a SIGGRAPH user group on Tuesday, August 12, along with zero-cost GPU acceleration, released last month.


Visual Programming

Visual programming, coming in Fabric Engine 2.0, to be released later this year, will enable TDs to learn and use Fabric Engine even more easily because the code is represented as graphical elements that can be manipulated in a visually interactive way. FE 2.0 will build on the GPU compute capabilities released last month that allows for the same code to be executed on both the CPU and GPU, without the need for additional coding.



Splice API for 3ds Max

The Splice API allows studio teams to expose Fabric to other applications, such as Autodesk’s Maya, Softimage, and now 3ds Max, as well as renderers or their own in-house custom dependency graphs. It enables artists to benefit from Fabric Engine’s high performance tools and real time rendering capabilities without learning a new application. Splice support for 3ds Max will be available in version 1.13, currently in beta testing and with general availability planned for August.





Fabric Software will be hosting a SIGGRAPH user group at the Vancouver Convention Centre (Room 306) on Tuesday August 12, 10:00am-6:00pm. Sessions will cover characters and crowds, use case examples from MPC and Hybride, as well as visual programming and deep technology dives. See www.fabricengine.com/siggraph for schedule.



Other activities

Porting Fabric Engine to NVIDIA Unified Memory: a Case Study in the NVIDIA Visual Computing Theater – booth #1201 on Thursday August 14, 10:40am.
Private demos at the Fabric booth #1553 – appointments can be made via sales@fabricengine.com


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