Fabric Engine feedback

Wed 7th Aug 2013 | News

Hear what the industry is saying about the latest nodes in Fabric Engine.


When someone as savvy as Marc Petit decides to put his retirement funds into the relatively small startup like Fabric Engine, you better know he's onto a good thing. With a history of top line Montreal software management positions behind him, what he says is a good move, will be proven correct soon enough. A few years ago, a team of industry veterans came together to build a platform that removes the performance bottlenecks from content creation pipelines and future proofs existing tools. By combining solvers, behaviours, rigs within the assets, Fabric Engine has been able to bring new flexibility to the pipeline. "The company is ready to scale up and I will help drive adoption of the tech within small and large studios," says Petit.



But don't just take his word for it.  Below is a bunch of coal-face dwellers, from MPC, Weta and other furiously busy studios. Interviewed at SIGGRAPH 2013, they talk about what they have seen of Fabric Engine both at the show and on the screens in front of them. The companies these artists work for aren't Fabric Engine customers, but the reactions are priceless.




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