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Sun 6th Mar 2011, by | Gdc2011

Fable 3 is now available with the NVIDIA 3D Vision connections!

Everyone has been on the stereoscopic kick of late and, to be honest, a lot of gamers think it's just a fad and it will get old after a while. Well, most gamers haven't tried NVIDIA's version of 3D. I have to say, I was really impressed when I tried it out. I tried Fable 3 on PC.

Let me talk about Fable 3 for a second. We covered Fable 3 just a short while ago in a production piece and although it was a big hit on the Xbox 360, it ran poorly with lost frames, poor saturation and other problems which all make the Xbox 360 really start to show it's age. I could not wait to see Fable 3 on PC. Sure enough, Fable 3 will be released for PC on May 17th with a new 'Hardcore' difficulty mode and added bonuses for people who waited. The PC version will contain all of the DLC that came with the Fable 3 Limited Edition version on 360 and will be included on the disc and not a separate download. When asked about possible DRM, the Microsoft rep I was talking to got a little flustered and mentioned that there will be DRM in the retail version of Fable 3 but promised that it would not be as intrusive as some other forms of DRM out there. Ya hear that Ubisoft?!

Alright, back to NVIDIA. The NVIDIA 3D function works with active shutter glasses and a USB dongle. That's it. Just install the driver for the dongle, plug it in, put on the glasses and it's all set. The 3D effect does not require any in-game settings to be activated. It only requires that the game itself be made with the 3D effect and that you have an NVIDIA card installed that supports 3D. The USB dongle is all that controls the 3D effect; a button on the front of the dongle turns the effect on and off while a slider on the back adjusts the depth of the effect. To be honest, this is the best example of 3D I have ever seen in a game; the characters in Fable 3 look like action figures had started coming to life.

Keep in mind, you're going to pay for what you get; the glasses and dongle kit cost $150.

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