EXPOSÉ 11 Masters part 2

Thu 8th Aug 2013, by Paul Hellard | Peoplestudios

CGSociety :: Special Feature

7 August 2013, by Kathy Sharrad


Such incredible artwork came flooding into the submission system for Ballistic Publishing's EXPOSÉ 11 Digital Art Annual this year.  We were all so impressed with the quality and the effort evident in many of the pieces. They paint an amazing story of talent being generated every day in the digital realm. So many of the artists that are in this amazing book are professional creators. Others are hobbyists who really should be making their living here.

It is our complete pleasure to introduce you to the other half of the field of Master artists for EXPOSÉ 11.   Click back and read the stories from the first half of the field RIGHT HERE.  But below are the other Master Award winners in the EXPOSÉ 11 Digital Art Annual.


Mario Sánchez Nevado
Mario Sánchez Nevado CGPortfolio

Dave Seeley

Ralf Stumpf CGPortfolio

Mohamed Taaeb
Mohamed Taaeb CGPortfolio

Gabriel Verdon
Gabriel Verdon CGPortfolio

Sarah Webb
Sarah Webb CGPortfolio


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