EXPOSÉ 11 Masters part 1

Thu 1st Aug 2013, by Paul Hellard | Peoplestudios

CGSociety :: Special Feature

31 July 2013, by Kathy Sharrad


Ballistic Publishing has released the latest Digital Art Annual EXPOSÉ 11, bringing a mass of amazing digital creation to immortal print once again. Covering 22 categories and bringing the art of 406 artists into clarity in 598 images, the range of software utilised and techniques employed brings new emphasis on games, book covers, and revealed some deep personal exploratory voyages.


In the following pages, we introduce you to some of the 21 Masters in the categories of EXPOSÉ 11.  Going alphabetically, Ballistic and CGSociety this week displays ten this week, and eleven next week.  

Jochem Aarts
Jochem Aarts CGPortfolio

Wylie Elise Beckert
Wylie Elise Beckert CGPortfolio

Andrea Bertaccini

Andrea Bertaccini CGPortfolio

Kerem Beyit
Kerem Beyit CGPortfolio

Toni Bratincevic
Toni Bratincevic CGPortfolio


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