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Tue 24th Jul 2012, by Paul Hellard | Peoplestudios

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24 July 2012, by Paul Hellard

Celebrating the PreSale of Ballistic Publishing's milestone Digital Art Annual EXPOSÉ 10, we present a few words from each of the Master Artists of each of the 20 categories in the book.

Every artist has a unique story, a very unique style and each has expressed a real desire to continue learning, exploring and creating. More power to them!

You can check out the many editions of EXPOSÉ 10 by clicking on their image on the left, here.

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Daniela Uhlig first appeared as a guest artist in d'artiste: Digital Painting 2', following up with inclusions in EXOTIQUE 4 and d'artiste: Character Design. As well as earning her the Master Award is Portrait (Painted), her 'Red, Orange' image has also been chosen as cover of the Hard cover and Soft Cover of EXPOSÉ 10.

Daniela Uhlig site
Daniela Uhlig CGPortfolio.

Zhang began submitting to Ballistic books just this year and has been selected for his unique ability to portray immense presence in his 3D characters. Working at HuoXiShiDai Teaching department in Beijing, Zhang is surrounded with art all day. He has three images in EXPOSÉ 10.

Zhangchendaxiao Zhang CGPortfolio

Francisco has been freelance for six years, starting with 3D as a child. He is also a new artist in EXPOSÉ. He’s working on a book about concept art in his country with some other great artists from Kandor Graphics and Dark Ride Studios.

Francisco J.A. Albusac CGPortfolio

Victor Erthal has worked with Neoscape Inc for some years, and with the talented crew from the Architectural Visualization group has competed for places in Ballistic books many times.

Victor Erthal

Patrick Eischen is a veteran EXPOSÉ artist, with appearances in EXPOSÉ 5, 7, 9 as well as EXPOSÉ 10 now with a Master Award to his credit. Patrick's CGPortfolio has been featured on Front Page a couple of times of CGTalk (CGSociety forums) as well.

Patrick Eischen CGPortfolio
Patrick Eischen site


Lu Hua is another great artist, slowly rising to Master Status, through persistence and displaying a growing confidence after appearances in previous Ballistic books. In Lu's case, EXPOSÉ 7 and then EXPOSÉ 9 were stepping stones to the Monkey King.

Lu Hua CGPortfolio

Although this is Clint's first time publishing in EXPOSÉ, he has been a part of the digital arts community for many years, painting some classical paintings of romanticized mythology scenes.

Clint Cearley
Clint Cearley CGPortfolio

Te Hu has had quite a career, mixing computer science with classical training as well as his move from China across to USA into Carnegie-Mellon study in Computer Science as mentioned in this Profile of his in 2011.

Te Hu Artist Profile
Te Hu CGPortfolio

Francesco Corvino cites the work of matte painter Dylan Cole, of concept artists like Raphael Lacoste and Ben Procter, and the designs of architects like Piranesi and Boulle as crucial to forming his artistic style.

Francesco Corvino
Francesco Corvino's CGPortfolio

Christian Gerth is a newly published artist with Ballistic with a range of work on his CGPortfolio and web site, showing great talent as a photographer as well as a digital environment artist.

Christian Gerth CGPortfolio
Christian Gerth

Alon Chou's work was found in the year of EXPOSE 6 and EXOTIQUE 3. He followed this up with an appearance in Character Modeling 2 and a tutorial on CGSociety for a Transformers tribute.

Alon Chou
Transformers'Death Blow' tutorial.

Laurent is an old hand at competing in online CGChallenges at CGSociety, as well as submitting for inclusion in the Ballistic books. His tally so far is impressive. He has work in EXPOSÉ 2, 3, 5, 7 and now 10. Also Character Modeling 2 and 3, EXOTIQUE 5 and ELEMENTAL 3.

Laurent Pierlot CGPortfolio

Jianhua He has three images in EXPOSÉ 10, one of which took out the Robot/Cyborg Master Award seen above. Coming very much out of left field, Jianhua submitted his work after his wife saw the Call for Entries in March, very late in the submission period.

Marga Donaire 'KarmaLizzard' has developed quite a following online, but is also a relatively new artist for Ballistic. Residing in Spain, Donaire also has a piece in EXOTIQUE 6, another of her highly-designed, 2D character pieces.

Marga Donaire

Mario Sánchez Nevado brings some of the most individual designs to EXPOSÉ 10. Mario keeps himself busy with a wide range of difference art disciplines, including 2D and 3D digitals arts, photography, video work and illustration work.

Mario Sánchez Nevado

Yukari Masuike, aka 'Toronn', has had a successful run with EXPOSÉ since EXPOSÉ 8, with a slant on the Surreal and Fantasy theme. Toronn worked in game design and illustration at Square Enix on as-yet unreleased properties before venturing out to work freelance.

Yukari Masuike CGPortfolio
Yukari Masuike

Turkish artist Murat Turan has been an active concept and fantasy artist online for many years, and now successful in his targeting of EXPOSÉ inclusion.

Murat Turan CGPortfolio
Murat Turan

Very much a traditionalist at heart, Marco Bucci is an art director, matte painter, animator and musician. Seems to have a lot of projects on the go at any one time. Marco has been actively producing his own book project, and previously successful in having his work in EXPOSÉ 8

Marco Bucci

Thomas Crausaz is more well-known for his Matte Painting efforts, but he appears to have found a new talent. He is known to try most genres and has always wanted to make his own films, comics and special effects.

Thomas Crausaz

Peter Pohle has a history of texturing, rendering and modeling in 3D. He is excited about teaching younger artists the finer points of Maya, ZBrush and Photoshop with classes in digital arts. Pohle is the Associate Professor in Digital Media Art at the John Brown University in Arkansas.

Peter Pohle CGPortfolio
Peter Pohle




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