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Thu 6th Sep 2012, by Paul Hellard | Peoplestudios

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6 September 2012, by Paul Hellard

Rounding out the talented crowd of artists who represented countries on their own in Ballistic Publishing's milestone Digital Art Annual EXPOSÉ 10, we briefly visit Lebanon, Sri Lanka and Uzbekistan, just to name a few. In announcing the availability of EXPOSÉ 10, I am featuring the art, career and country of 18 artists within the pages of EXPOSÉ who carried their country's flag, solo.

Carrying a record 239 newly published EXPOSÉ artists, from 548 images from 380 artists, selected from 11,010 submissions, this is a very fresh collection of art.  Using modern communication infrastructure artists can work for companies in any country, either as a remote worker or as a sponsored immigrant, dependant on VISA requirements. But who carried the flags of their home country and managed to be published as a solo artist?  Presented alphabetically, last week we met some great people. Click thru to read.

This week I conclude the look into those who represent countries alone in EXPOSÉ 10.





The Fall of the Pieomancers
Liiga Smilshkalne, LATVIA

Liiga Smilshkalne's CGPortfolio


Tsai Residence
3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop
Nabil Hammoud, Tweenen Digital Art Studio, LEBANON

Nabil Hammoud's CGPortfolio

Nabil Hammoud's site


The Innovation
Maya, V-Ray, Photoshop
Qasim Shuja, PAKISTAN

Qasim Shuja's CGPortfolio


The Garage
3ds Max, V-Ray
Ivan Schuler, PERU

Ivan Schuler's CGPortfolio
Ivan Schuler's site




The good and evil
Maya, ZBrush, Photoshop
Rachid Jadir, QATAR

Rachid Jadir's CGPortfolio
Rachid Jadir's site


Jet Bike
SketchBook Pro, Photoshop
Udara Chinthaka, SRI LANKA
Udara Chinthaka's CGPortfolio
Udara Chinthaka's site


Saryth Chareonpanichkul, THAILAND

Saryth Chareonpanichkul's CGPortfolio
Saryth Chareonpanichkul's blog


Beyond the wall
Eldar Zakirov, UZBEKISTAN

Eldar Zakirov's CGPortfolio





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