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    28 August 2012, by Paul Hellard


    Ballistic Publishing and CGSociety are very excited to be announcing the availability of EXPOSÉ 10, our milestone TENTH Edition. The Digital Art Annual has spearheaded careers of so many CG artists over ten years of life. In announcing the availability of EXPOSÉ 10, I thought I'd feature the art, career and country of 18 artists within the pages of EXPOSÉ who carried their country's flag, solo.

    In the flurry of 11,010 entries, down to 1,113 shortlisted, The successful 380 artists from 65 countries brought 548 images into the pages into this enormous tome.  A record 239 of these artists were newly published EXPOSÉ entrants.  These days, some artists can work for companies in any country, either as a remote worker or as a sponsored immigrant, dependant on VISA requirements. But who carried the flags of their home country and managed to be published as a solo artist?

    Read on and meet some of these talented people.  This is a TWO PART article - More Next Week.



    Vienna Airlines
    CINEMA 4D, V-Ray
    Nikolaus Vuckovic, immortal-arts | filmproduction, AUSTRIA

    Vuckovic's CGPortfolio
    immortal-arts site

    AccuRender, AutoCAD, Photoshop
    Kamal Birdi, BAHRAIN

    Kamal Birdi's CGPortfolio


    Battle at Bhabi Monghadi
    Jordy Lakiere, BELGIUM

    Jordy Lakiere's CGPortfolio
    Jordy Lakiere

    Money Scarecrow
    Fernando A. Lopez, BOLIVIA

    Fernando A. Lopez's CGPortfolio
    Fernando A. Lopez's blog

    The man with spring-back mirrors
    Jiri Stamfest, CZECH REPUBLIC

    Jiri Stamfest's CGPortfolio
    Czech Jiri Stamfest site



    Origami House: Porch
    3ds Max, V-Ray, Photoshop
    Jørgen Langevad, Bpositive, DENMARK

    Jørgen Langevad's CGPortfolio
    Bpositive site

    Wild Forces - ‘Totem’ © Bitkingo Studio
    Client: Bitkingo Studio
    Rodolfo Velado, EL SALVADOR

    Rodolfo Velado's CGPortfolio

    Royal Enfield 1966
    3ds Max, Photoshop
    Irakli Khakhviashvili, GEORGIA

    Irakli Khakhviashvili's CGPortfolio

    Kaguya Kitsunehime
    Rafi Adrian Zulkarnain, INDONESIA

    Rafi Adrian Zulkarnain's CGPortfolio

    Dor Shamir, ISRAEL

    Dor Shamir's CGPortfolio
    Dor Shamir's blog




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