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Wed 9th Mar 2011 | News

Momentum 2.0 provides support for physical phenomena and their interactions with Rigid Bodies, Soft Bodies, Cloth, Ropes, Constraints, Interactions and Attachments.

Exocortex in collaboration with veteran Softimage software developer Helge Mathee, is pleased to announce that Momentum 2.0, the ultimate high speed multi-physics simulator, is now immediately available for Autodesk Softimage 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Exocortex Momentum 2.0 has been designed from the ground up to provide real-time results while maintaining artist flexibility, control and solution robustness. In order to achieve these real-time results, Momentum relies upon the industrial strength game physics library Bulle. Bullet has proven itself in the film industry recently by its use in Sony's 2012 , and Dreamworks' Megamind and Shrek: The Final Chapter.

The power of Bullet's simulation is now available to Softimage users for the first time with Exocortex Momentum 2.0.

Helge Mathee has lead the design, development and testing of Exocortex Momentum 2.0. The end result of Helge's commitment to the product has been a deep integration into Softimage with a strong focus on extensibility, usability as well as robustness.

Exocortex Momentum 2.0 is primarily accessed via a friendly toolbar, but it also provides ICE integration. Additionally, all simulations can be plotted for later non-simulation playback.

Momentum was designed and written by Helge Mathee while immersed in an intense and result focused production environment. This means that Momentum isn't an experimental plugin or a proof of concept, is designed to allow artists to achieve results in the absolute minimum amount of time.

Together with the software, the company has developed a series of video tutorials, designed and narrated by Helge Mathee himself. The tutorials will ensure that you get started quickly with Exocortex Momentum 2.0 and that you can get your final results quickly.

There are three purchase options available for Exocortex Momentum 2.0:

   1. Individual licenses are available for the low price of $149.
   2. Site licenses for up to 50 seats are available for $1999.
   3. Full source code licenses along with an unlimited seat site license are available for $4999.

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