Escher 1.0 for NUKE

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | News

Artixels has released a VFX plug-in suite, Escher 1.0 for NUKE.



Artixels has released a VFX plug-in suite, Escher 1.0 for NUKE. Escher is a suite of image generators and 2.5D creative tools designed for NUKE compositors who are looking for tools to explore the creative possibilities stashed between 2D and 3D.


Escher offers highly interactive animated image generators which are perfect light sources for image-based lighting in NUKE's 3D system or Escher’s 2.5D shaders. Spherical Harmonics based processing nodes and high-performance 2.5D shaders of Escher have turned image- based lighting a real-time experience for NUKE compers. By evaluating depth gradient information available inside depth maps, Escher’s image-space ambient occlusion shader allows NUKE compers to fake ambient occlusion quickly without using any CGI renderer.

Since 2.5D image making relies on unfiltered images, Escher has an efficient morphological anti- aliasing node which allows artists to polish and finish their 2.5D elements quickly.  Escher 1.0 for Nuke is compatible with The Foundry’s NUKE 6.3 on all NUKE’s supported 64-bit platforms which include Windows 7, Linux and Mac OSX (10.5 & 10.6). Escher 1.0 for NUKE starts at US$399 for a standalone license.


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