Electric Image now accepting advance orders for Universe 5!

Sat 7th Sep 2002 | News

Electric Image Now Accepting Advance Orders For Universe 5.0!

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF. -- Electric Image, Inc. today announced that it would begin accepting advance orders for its highly anticipated Universe 5.0. The first 500 orders placed will be set aside to guarantee those customers first delivery of the software when it begins shipping.

The price of the new upgrade is $349 for current Universe 4.0 owners. The upgrade price for owners prior to 4.0 is $495. Electric Image also announced that Universe 5.0 would be offered at $1,295 for new full version purchasers.

Universe 5.0 is the second significant upgrade in less than a year for the company. This upgrade adds Radiosity, a Match mover for locked-down cameras, match move import for Realviz and Boujou, a material and shader libraries manager, Shockwave export, as well as new modeling features and rendering performance enhancements such as multi-processor support on both the Macintosh and Windows platforms. A complete Universe 5.0 feature list will be available Sept. 10th 2002, at www.electricimage.com.

For more information, contact the Electric Image sales department at 1-949-481-6660 or eisales@electricimage.com. To preorder your copy of Universe 5 today visit http://www.electricimage.com/preorder5

About Electric Image

Originally founded as a visual effects studio in 1987, Electric Image developed a proprietary 3D rendering and animation package to create digital special effects for film. After significant recognition for the early efforts, it soon realized that a strong market existed for a lower cost, high-quality 3D rendering and animation platform that rivaled those products found on SGI machines of the time.

Electric Image, Inc. pioneered high-end 3D imagery and animation on the desktop platform, and in the process created the undisputed "world's fastest software renderer" without sacrificing quality for speed.

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