Electric Image announces shipping Universe 5.0

Thu 26th Sep 2002 | News

Electric Image announces the shipping of its highly anticipated Universe 5 software. Fulfillment of pre-orders began today and will continue throughout the week. Universe 5 is delivered at an MSRP of $1295, with upgrades ranging from $349 to $499.

Universe 5.0 is the second significant upgrade in less than a year for the company. This upgrade adds Radiosity, a Match mover for locked-down cameras, match move import for Realviz and Boujou, a material and shader libraries manager, Shockwave export, as well as new modeling features and rendering performance enhancements such as multi-processor support on both the Macintosh (OS 9 and X) and Windows (2000 and XP) platforms. A complete Universe 5.0 feature list is available at www.electricimage.com.

Matt Hoffman, VP of Engineering stated, "Universe 5 is an extremely powerful upgrade with tremendous new features throughout the software. Electric Image has again revolutionized the 3D market by producing a Rendering system that provides nearly 100% speed increases using multi-processor computers. This type of speed increase has never been seen before in the marketplace."

Electric Image believes Universe 5 will only further help the growth of the company. "Electric Image has seen a surge of new customers discovering the power and exquisiteness of the Universe software. We are growing our development staff to continue to meet the needs of these customers. We are extremely confident that Universe, as well as Amorphium Pro, will continue to capture new market share and continue to deliver the very best in 3D software solutions" stated Brad Parscale, VP of Sales & Marketing.

About Electric Image, Inc.
Originally founded in 1987, Electric Image has pushed the limits of computer-generated imagery for over a decade with its award-winning 3D animation systems. Designed by visual effects artists, Electric Image provides world-class animation tools for artists across all industries and is consistently called upon for the creation of blockbuster motion pictures and network television programs. Examples include "Austin Powers Goldmember", "xXx", "The Fast and the Furious", " Star Wars, Phantom Menace" ,"Austin Powers II", "Titan A.E.", " Dinosaur", "Mission to Mars", "Space Cowboys" and "U-571," as well as "The West Wing,""Extreme Australia,""Dateline NBC," and "Babylon 5."

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