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EIAS3D releases EIAS v9, with revamped import system and major speed increases.



The owners of the Electric Image Animation Software (EIAS) have released the first upgrade to the system since being bought by Tomas Egger, a Brazilian film Director and a bunch of partners. Egger has been an EIAS user since 1994.


EIAS v9 is the first release from EIAS3D and is the first step in making the Electric Image Animation System faster, more robust, and easier to use. Long-term EIAS customers will experience a remarkable performance improvement in their existing projects. New customers will find that v9 is as powerful as it is easy-to-learn.

Well-regarded for its rendering speed and render quality, EIAS v9 has important new features and key technologies like a New Import System. The 3D import system has been rewritten and new file formats added. The system also provides advanced model diagnostics reporting for all imported formats.



The user can create custom presets for each format, like Illustrator (.ai and .eps file support); EIAS v9 imports the GoZ ZBrush files with UV and texture maps, .obj and .mtl files (now imported with UV coordinates and textures from .mtl file)
Support for LightWave models .lwo and scenes .lws. Also The Bullet physics engine, is now built-in to Animator.


Bullet Simulations is now easier to use. Just configure the simulation session and run a preview in any Animator Window. A new 'Force' objects (project element) affect objects dynamically in the simulation process. Rigging vehicles and cars with million of polygons can be driven automatically. '.ibl' files from can be used to create your own lighting set up. The OpenGL hardware preview engine supports many more textures and texture modifiers and the overall Animator performance has been optimised loading and saving projects, massive group deletion and many others when Animator works with thousands of objects.


There has been a complete UI rebuilt which is more intuitive, there are several new tool and plugins that are noe part of the DNA of the application, like multithreaded rendering, a full 64-bit architecture, a new GI Engine and Ray tracing reflection effects are now part of the package.  You can read the complete list of version nine features here and watch our EIAS 9 video release here.


Together, this new team, with it’s inherent passion for EIAS, intends to modernize the package as quickly as possible. Development will continue apace and expand rapidly with new technologies added as old ones are rewritten to take advantage of contemporary hardware. The EIAS community is vital to this process and the EIAS3D team will discuss with, and listen to, the users more then ever before.


Central to this re-birth strategy of getting EIAS into more pipelines is the inclusion of an infinite number of render nodes with each EIAS license. EIAS v9 is now shipping for both Mac and Windows. Upgrade pricing starts at US$395, and the full new version is US$895.


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