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Wed 12th Jun 2013 | News

PS4 and the X-Bone reveals price points at E3.


The last couple of days have been pretty crazy throughout. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, where the creators of hardware, games, costumes and keepsakes come together in a flurry of insanity, has finally concluded.  I thought I'd stand back and wait til some dust settled before picking through the remains.

The throngs annually try to outmanoeuvre, out-pitch, out-promote and outsell each other in the only hall in Los Angeles big enough to keep them to themselves.  Which can be blessing in some ways. It's a long way from where I am and I had far too much to do elsewhere anyway.



So, Sony unveiled the official model for its PlayStation 4 during the show. While it bears a resemblance to its direct rival, the Microsoft Xbox One, it is a little bit smaller, which someone once told me is a little bit important for some reason.  Fashionistas say its chic.  I just say it's smaller.  The relevance to anything is neither here nor there.

Sony also noted the PS4 will include a host of crossmedia offerings on the platform from day one, including its Video and Music Unlimited services, as well as Netflix and, at a later time, Flixster. I say as long as it can play games I'd bought to play on it, I'd be happy.  I can make my own coffee, truly.


In the closing of its E3 press conference, Sony has announced it is pricing the PlayStation 4, set to release holiday season 2013, will be US$399, beating the 'X-Bone' by US$100.  In these times, that can help.  One can eat, while playing games.  What a concept.

Oh surprise. It was revealed later on, that these extras in the PS4 aren't part of the base console price and will require a PlayStation Plus membership.  Any guesses how much that is?   Possibly more than the $100 difference? Mind you the best thing is that older DVD-based games can be played on the PS4 and swapped, sold and shared, with no authentication required.  Wow, so beforehand you weren't 'allowed' to do that?   What's with that?   I reckon the 'revelations' in these new releases leave more questions unanswered than solved.  I thought when I bought something I could do what I wanted with it for the rest of eternity.  I've had enough of Rental-Ownership.    Just a thought.


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