Discreet's gmax Software Changes Games Industry with Rapid Worldwide Adoption

Tue 1st Oct 2002 | News

With the video games industry continuing its lucrative and competitive drive to capture game enthusiasts worldwide, Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK) celebrates its one-year anniversary of the release of gmax, the new defining standard in video game modification ("mod") software adopted by home game enthusiasts, game developers and publishers as the premiere method of creating custom content for games. Since its release one year ago, gmax software has surpassed the quarter million mark of registered users and has been incorporated in some of the most recent top selling games including Microsoft's Dungeon Siege, by Gas Powered Games, and EA's Command & Conquer Renegade, by Westwood Studios.

"Discreet's gmax has empowered gamers and mod-makers with the technology to continually add unique content to the world of Dungeon Siege, and to grow and improve the experience day after day," said Chris Taylor, President of Gas Powered Games. "To most of us in the game industry today, creating a great game and building a community of gamers to support it is one of our ultimate goals; gmax makes all of this possible."

gmax is based on Discreet's award-winning 3D animation software, 3ds max, that is widely used in PC and console video games on the market today. Providing the mod community with a comprehensive 3D modeling and texturing toolset based on technology that developers use themselves, gamers can alter, create and customize game content within gmax supported titles, allowing them to expand their enjoyment of the game by creating a unique and compelling experience beyond normal gameplay. For example, with the recent release of the gmax game pack for "Dungeon Siege," players can create their own meshes allowing them to add new weapons, creatures, terrain, armor, and items to the "Dungeon Siege" world as well as change the animation of characters, providing them with new actions to perform.

The mod community continues to rapidly expand as evidenced by the hundreds of user-developed web sites created to support 3D content for mod games and gmax-enabled titles. Gamers are able to swap and share 3D content they created using gmax in heavily trafficked online environments. With over 260,000 gmax registered users, Discreet is educating a completely new generation of potential 3D artists/game developers.

Top publishers and video game companies have adopted Discreet's gmax as a core differentiator in either the marketing of a published game or in enhancing internal development pipelines. gmax architecture supports Discreet's powerful 3ds max scripting language, allowing developers already using 3ds max to easily integrate gmax into the game. gmax fits seamlessly in the 3ds max pipeline at any stage during the development process, allowing publishers to extend the life of their game, potentially increase their sales, as well as build and support a "mod" community.

Microsoft's Dungeon Siege, Train Simulator, Flight Simulator 2002 Professional Edition, and Combat Flight Simulator, Electronic Art's Command & Conquer Renegade, Auran's railroad simulation game, TRAINZ, as well as Microids' Tennis Master Series, are among the top videogame companies who have recognized the importance of community building and currently support gmax game packs.

"There is virtually no end to a game with gmax, as players will have a new experience every time they load up a game to play," said Paul Perreault, gmax product manager, Discreet. "And, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved - video game companies can personalize the gaming experience for players, providing them the power to alter 3D content within the game, virtually elevating gameplay as well as sales to a new level."

About gmax
The consumer version of gmax is Discreet's free award-winning game design and content editor, based on its best-selling professional 3D animation software, 3ds max. The gmax consumer software application is available now for free download here <http://www.discreet.com/products/gmax>. Game developers and publishers can get the gmax publishing version by joining the Discreet sparks program at www.discreet.com/sparks. For more information, please visit: <http://www.discreet.com/sparks/>.

About Discreet
Discreet empowers moving media professionals to realize the visual experience, transforming their most evocative and ambitious visions into reality. Its range of award-winning systems and software is developed for digital media creation, management and delivery-across all disciplines from visual effects and editing to animation, game development, web and interactive. Discreet is based in Montreal, Quebec and is a division of Autodesk, Inc., the world's leading design and digital media creation, management, and distribution company. Product and corporate information is located on the Internet at <www.discreet.com>.

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