Discreet Ships character studio 4

Wed 15th Jan 2003 | News

Discreet has announced the worldwide shipment of character studio 4, the latest version of its character animation suite of tools for 3ds max. character studio 4 brings new technology to character animation with advancements such as Dynamics-based Mixing, Constraint-based Mixdowns, and intuitive Quaternion Function Curves.

Major enhancements in version 4 include Dynamics-based Mixing, the first animation system to provide propagation of dynamic balancing from the upper body to the lower body, critical for making body part mixes look natural and coherent. The software also includes Constraint-based Mixdowns, the first animation system that allows animators to mix down non-linear sequences into a single clip while satisfying feet IK and knee joint motion constraints- this provides for the smooth blending of multiple files as well as the blending of motion capture with key-framed data.

Animators will also be able to take advantage of character studio 4 software's intuitive Quaternion Function Curves, giving them a more exact method of fluidly controlling character joint rotation without the usual caveats found in other animation systems.

Price and Availability
Used as a companion software extension to Discreet's modeling, animation and rendering solution 3ds max version 4 and version 5, character studio software has a suggested retail price (SRP) in North America of US $995. character studio 4 is available from local Discreet resellers and on the Discreet e-store.

Discreet character studio 4

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