• Discreet Ships 3ds max 5
    Leonard Teo, Monday 29 July 2002
     Image: The Cathedral (Best Animated Short, SIGGRAPH 2002) Tomek Baginski, Platige Image, Warsaw , Poland.

    Discreet has announced the first customer shipment of 3ds max 5 - a significant feature release of its professional 3D animation and modeling software.

    3ds max 5 offers a robust new feature set designed to meet the needs of each specific market. In film, the software package has new Advanced Lighting modes for global illumination and soft shadoes via area lights. It also provides greater abilities to manage, process and share data between products in studio pipelines including Discreet's own inferno, flame, flint systems and combustion software.

    In games, 3ds max 5 continues its status as the premiere choice of game developers with support for new techniques and latest hardware abilities. The new features reinforce the software's reputation of proven productivity, extensibility and rich toolset for creating real-time worlds and pre-rendered cinematics.


    And in design visualization, 3ds max 5 allows designers and engineer professionals to achieve photo-realistic results for design investigations, presentations, training, marketing launches, virtual branding layouts and more.

    3ds max 5 has a suggested retail price (SRP) in North America of US $3,495. Upgrades from 3ds max 4 to 3ds max 5 have an SRP of US $795. With this release, Discreet will also be launching its subscription program, both single user and network versions, for $390 the first year and $330 for renewals. Discreet Subscription ensures customers timely access to the latest upgrades and enhancements while simplifying the budgeting process. The Discreet Subscription program will be available in North America in August, with other regions to soon follow.


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