Discreet Ignites the Desktop With the power of cleaner and combustion 2

Fri 4th Oct 2002 | News

Further demonstrating its steadfast commitment to the desktop video market, Discreet, a division of Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK), is now offering an award- winning combination of products to give customers a competitive edge: cleaner and combustion 2 together for the first time. Offered together for a limited time, through December 31, 2002, the Desktop Video Effects bundle is now available at an amazing price of US$1497.

"By using cleaner and combustion 2 together, we will not only create more eye-catching content on the desktop, but we also achieve improved efficiency and impressive competitive gains," said Christophe Lenaerts, CEO, Telemak, located in Belgium. "The ability to encode our media and add post production quality visual effects right on our desktop systems gives us the flexibility to deliver projects at superior quality every time!"

Available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms, cleaner and combustion 2 collectively bring the power of video post production to the professional desktop market. As the industry benchmark, Discreet's cleaner is the leader for video encoding outputting more than 60 video formats including Windows Media, Real, and QuickTime. combustion 2 is Discreet's powerful, resolution-independent, vector paint, animation and compositing solution for multi-format work from the web to video and HDTV to feature film.

"If you're a professional editor working with video, together these tools will form the cornerstone of your visual effects and encoding workflow," said Joe Klingler, Senior Director, Software Development, Discreet. "By coupling these products, we bring the functionality of our award-winning, high-end tools within reach of the desktop video professional."

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